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WpSiteCount,  a plug-in for WordPress„. You can use it to set up a Counter (Counter Hit), indicating the number of all visitors. The counter is displayed graphically and can be changed in size. Tested with WP 5.x



Among the settings, see the parameter defines the waiting time for an IP what to count as not every hit of a user. You can set data, the time required to clean up the IP / Page there.

setting description min max standard
cycle time Specifies how long no hit on the same IP/Page is. This double counting is rent. 30 min. 24 hours 30 min.
cleanup time When cleaning up all the old IP entries are removed after this period. 1 day 6 months 1 month
cleanup start Specifies the interval in which the cleaning is done securely. 6 days 6 months 2 months
ignor bot A comma-separated list containing the names of the bot’s, which prevents counting      
Small statistic

Display a small statistic on your dashbard.

Widget function

You can insert the counter on the sidebar. They put the parameters directly in the widget. Preview is displayed after saving.

Shortcode: [ads-wpsitecount count=0]

The counter can also be displayed directly in a page or an article. For this, use the shortcode with the appropriate parameters. ( :: = empty or not used ) You can enable a tiny Mce Button on settings.

arg description min max standard
Count display value, not saved :: 999999999 2014
add Add value to current counter only display, not saved 1 999999999
image Image filename, .jpg… look at counter directory into plugin Folder or widget ::  –
width Counter width, 0 = empty = automatic. It is recommended to set one of these parameters width or height. :: 300 165
height Counter height, 0 = empty = automatic. It is recommended to set one of these parameters width or height. :: 150 ::
whunit Unit from widt and height, Pixel, Ems, Points, or Percent     px
imgmaxw Max Image width (px) on Output :: :: 350
block Issue with p, div or none. ::   ::
fill Previous vacancy with zero filled :: on ::
length Minimum points of the counter. If the counter is greater than this will be adjusted automatically. :: 9 5
align Align: left, right, center, ::   center
text Show counter as text only :: on ::
before Before text, You can use Placeholder at this field. ::   ::
after After text, You can use Placeholder at this field. ::   ::
save Save Settings as standard :: on ::

Change css style if you want other format.

css description value
#adswsc_block The block: includes before, link, Counter and after margin: 1px;
#adswsc_counter The counter border: 3px inset white;
border-radius: 3px;
#adswsc_countertext The text counter font-size: large;
font-weight: bold;
font-style: normal;
name description inside
description (only if user loged-in)
%ip Display the IP number %sname Login/System Name
%image Display the Name from actual image %dname Display Name
%count Display the actual counter %fname First Name
%[…]% Special string when user loged-in %lname Last Name
Create you own Counter

You can create your own counter. Make an image with a fixed digit width and 11 Digits inside.
The digits are numbered from 0 to 9 and one space at last. The Counters inside this package are designed with CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop.
counter red 7 seg italic

btn_donate_LG Please download on plugin page.
If you like this plug-in and you want to support us in further development, so we are thrilled to every donation.
Thank you so much 🙂
Counter demo:
Vulcan Romulan Klingone Borg

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